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Types of Upholstery Fabric

If you're looking for the perfect upholstery fabric for your home, there are several things you should know. You should be aware of the different types of fabric, including Cellulose, Cotton, Linen, and Vinyl. Listed below are the main types of upholstery fabrics. Each of them has unique properties that make them attractive for different types of furniture. To make your decision easier, read this short article and get the answers you need.
There are several benefits to choosing cellulose upholstery velvet fabric. For one, it is durable and easy to clean. Its luxurious appearance adds to the appeal of any room. In addition, velvet fabric is extremely soft. Its weave is determined by pulling a single thread from the pile. The resulting shape should be a simple 'V' or 'W' with a kink in the middle. If you want to know more about the benefits of cellulose upholstery velvet, read on!
There are many qualities that make upholstery velvet fabrics popular. They feel soft and warm and add an extra level of depth to your furniture. In addition to the rich look and feel, velvet has an outstanding ability to show off dye. The blue velvet you choose will likely have a deeper shade than a blue-checked fabric. Moreover, the fabric is lightweight and durable, and it can withstand heavy traffic. To get the look you want, velvet can be made of cotton, viscose, or polyester.
If you want an elegant and luxurious look for your furniture, you can go for Linen upholstery velvet fabric. This upholstery material is made of different types of fibers such as cotton and linen. The pile and density of the backing fabric determine the quality of the upholstery fabric. To check the pile, bend the fabric sample at an angle. If the backing is visible, it is of lower quality. Look for a densely woven back.
If you've always wanted to upholster furniture with velvet, you should consider using this type of material. It is strong, durable, and perfect for upholstery of chairs, benches, and headboards. Cotton velvet from JB Martin comes in two types: Como and Cannes. Como velvet is durable, boasting 150,000 double rubs, while Cannes velvet has a slub weave and different texture. Both styles have the same basic qualities, but are made of 100% cotton.
Whether you are looking to replace your old upholstery or re-upholster your sofa, consider the benefits of Olefin Upholstery Velvet fabric. Its inherent properties make it an excellent choice for upholstery and other applications. Olefin fabric is naturally resistant to chemicals, stains, and water. Its smooth texture makes it a comfortable material to touch. Plus, it is easy to clean.

New Arrival Waterproof Velvet Sofa Curtain Upholstery Fabric



Minimum order quantity:800m

Uses & Qualities: Sofas and Chairs, Contract Use (BS 7176 Compliant), Soft Furnishing (Cushions etc), Conservatory, Caravan / Motorhome / Boat, Ultra Hard Wearing (40000 Rubs Minimum)