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Rosso Textile uses ultrasound energy to cut through the fabric layers and allow the top layer to be pulled through while the bottom layer remains unaffected. The thickness of the fabric is then adjusted so that the top sheet is able to be pulled through the holes while the bottom remain solid. This then creates a smooth and strong surface that is guaranteed to stand up to years of wear. Many apply Ultrasonic quilting sewing fabric to items such as furniture and bedding.Ultrasonic quilting has many advantages over other forms of quilting such as hot-glue quilting. For one, it does not suffer from the complications that are a result of using glue. Also, Ultrasonic Quilting Upholstery fabric does not produce the noise that is associated with the latter technique. Since no heat is used, the fabric would remain cool to the touch. This means that there is also no risk involved in dealing with hot surfaces.It is suitable for chemical fiber raw materials, with fast quilting speed, no trouble of breaking and changing thread, labor saving and stable quality. Zhejiang Rosso Textile Co., Ltd is professional China Sewing Upholstery Fabric manufacturer and Ultrasonic Quilting Fabric suppliers, The daily fabric production capacity of Rosso textile is about 200,000 meters. Since 1989, Rosso Textile has been committed to provide and wholesale Ultrasonic Quilting Fabric and Sewing Upholstery Fabric.

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