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corduroy, strong durable fabric with a rounded cord, rib, or wale surface formed by cut pile yarn. The back of the goods has a plain or a twill weave. Corduroy is made from any of the major textile fibres and with one warp and two fillings.Cotton corduroy clothing became very popular with the working classes as it is durable but not expensive.In the twentieth century, corduroy exploded in popularity as a fashion fabric in the 1970s, becoming a staple of everyday wear. The comfy fabric has made a comeback in recent years, especially with the rise of thrifting, since corduroy is an incredibly durable fabric that is a common find in vintage shopsThere are different types of corduroys, which are classified by the number of lengthwise pile rows per inch—feathercord has 20-25; pinwale has 16-23; regular wale has 14; wide wale has 6-10; and broad wale has 3-5.Corduroy has always been a lush comfortable fabric for country gentlemen and their ladies – and still remains so. The fabric also works for kids because it's a strong, durable and soft textile that both kids and moms love. While jeans are undisputedly always cool, corduroy is characterized by strange quirk

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