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As a soft fiber material, natural fiber can be spun into yarn, which plays a specific role in the nature and is produced from organisms; moreover, it grows naturally without human intervention. Natural fiber upholstery is made from a wool blend that is blended with other materials like silk. This type of fabric will not hold as much water and is great for use in areas where water is normally present, like bathrooms. Because it does absorb moisture, you will find that it is cheaper to use for a short period of time such as a bathroom or an area where food will be prepared. Wool upholstery. The classic look that has a uniform color all throughout is called flat weave. Other styles have varied thickness so they will create a more unique look when you are decorating. If you prefer, you can also use a blend of both types of tools. A top layer of finer wools can be used to create a smooth, low maintenance surface while a top layer of even softer upholstery fabric will create a more durable surface. Many people also like to use a combination of both types of material in their home because it creates a very friendly and comfortable feel to the home. Zhejiang Rosso Textile Co., Ltd is professional China Natural Fiber Fabric manufacturers and Wool Upholstery Fabric suppliers, The daily fabric production capacity of Rosso textile is about 200,000 meters. Since 1989, Rosso Textile has been committed to provide and wholesale natural Fiber upholstery fabric and wool upholstery fabric.

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