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Pros of Polyester Upholstery Fabric

The polyester upholstery fabric is probably the most influential factor in determining the appearance and comfort of upholstered sofas and chairs. There are many options for upholstered fabric available in the marketplace for you to select from. In addition, you will also find various different grades of quality of the fabric available. Before you choose the right type of upholstery fabric for your furniture, however, it's important to consider some of the following factors to help you make an informed decision.

One of the main reasons that polyester upholstery fabric is so popular is because of its breathability, which allows a small amount of air to pass through it and provide a cool effect. However, there are some pros and cons associated with this feature. Knowing what these pros and cons are can help you determine whether or not this fabric is a good choice for you.

The first of these pros is that polyester upholstery fabric doesn't require too much maintenance. Unlike, cotton or plush fabrics, the bulkiness of polyester upholstery fabric doesn't tend to hang in moisture. This means that you can clean the furniture with a damp cloth or a hose, and you won't have to worry about damaging the fabric. This alone makes polyester a great choice for people who don't have allergies to cotton fibers or plush materials, but who still want a comfortable piece of furniture to sit on.

The second pro is that microfiber doesn't seem to wrinkle as easily as does other types of natural fibers, like cotton or plush. While microfiber does wear down over time, it still looks great after several washes. In fact, the only real problem is if you leave your furniture outdoors in extremely hot weather, because sun and heat can damage most any type of durable fabric. However, if you don't mind having to bring the furniture inside for protection during extreme temperatures, then it really isn't a problem. Since polyester upholstery fabric doesn't wrinkle as easily as other types of natural fibers, it also holds its shape and doesn't slip or move around as easily. This can be very important if you own an older home with lots of wood paneling and upholstering, since even the newest flooring can become damaged by continued foot traffic.

One of the last pros to consider is that the cost of polyester fabric upholstered furniture is generally much less than it would cost to purchase other types of durable fabric. When you compare the price of a new sofa set with the price of a new microfiber sofa set, you'll find that buying the former is a better investment. Of course, you may not want to spend this much money right off the bat, but it's nice to know that even cheap furniture will be able to provide you and your family with years of use and enjoyment.

Finally, it has been shown that a variety of different types of natural fibers are more durable than others. For example, cotton and linen are both fairly easily damaged by sun and heat, but they're far more resistant to stains and fading. Linen is also quite easily washed, while cotton can begin to fade after frequent washes. If you need a fabric that's both durable and easily cleaned, then it's certainly worth looking into a variety of different options.