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Velvet fabric is one of the most luxurious fabrics available

Velvet fabric is one of the most luxurious fabrics available. It is an expensive fabric with a beautiful sheen and can be woven into beautiful curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths and many other fabrics. Velvet is usually considered very formal attire and is traditionally reserved for extremely rich people who would typically wear their best clothes only in formal occasions. Yet for everyday use, a good quality silk satin or velour blend in a neutral color such as taupe, cream, or white looks wonderful.

Velvet is a very popular upholstery textile option for centuries. Before modern looms were developed, the weaving of velvet garments was quite labor-intensive and, most often, found in wealthy homes of the upper class and aristocracy. However, once modern velvet manufacturing was able to mass manufacture, the price of velvet became less expensive for the high quality material and the quality of the fabrics improved significantly. Today, you can buy a fantastic selection of fabrics, including velvet, in just about any color or pattern you could imagine. The amount of styles and colors now available is truly astounding.

One of the characteristics of all good quality cotton or silk velvet fabrics is the fact that they need to be regularly cleaned in order to remain supple and soft. While this does occasionally require some degree of professional intervention, it's usually easy enough to do on your own. First, make sure you vacuum the garment on regular basis to get out any dust or hair that might have accumulated inside the garment. Then use a mild cleaning solution such as baby shampoo or a linen softener to remove any dirt you find on the surface. If you find stains on your fabric, blot the area first and then work on removing them using a clean white cloth or similar product.

Because so many people now use cotton fabrics for everything from blankets to beautiful curtains and other decorative fabrics, having cotton upholstery fabrics in bedrooms is increasingly important. Even if you don't currently have a collection of cotton bedding, purchasing a few sets of soft cotton sheets and throw pillows can make a world of difference. While you could just roll up a pair of them whenever you feel the need to sleep in a more comfortable and relaxing posture, there's nothing quite like being able to slip underneath those covers for a nice, cozy night's slumber. This is especially true with regard to winter nights where heavy blankets are likely to make you very uncomfortable. Instead, consider investing in a nice selection of soft cotton sheets that you can pull out whenever you're ready to snuggle up.

When it comes to soft fabric that's perfect for making your own bedding, nothing comes close to velvet. It not only provides the most luxurious type of comfort, but is also the type of fabric that resists most stains. Because it's so expensive to go to a clothing store and purchase all types of fabrics specifically for making up draperies and other fabrics, keeping up with current trends and styles is much easier when using soft fabrics like velvet. You don't have to worry about dying or losing the qualities of the fabric by cleaning it every so often, and the investment will be worth it over time. You may even find that purchasing a set of these fabrics, rather than individual pieces, is a better option because they allow you to mix and match styles more easily.

Another benefit of velvet and cotton curtains and pillows is their tendency to stay looking fresh even after years of wearing. This is due to the way that cotton breathes and allows moisture to drain more quickly from the body, preventing fabrics like silk from getting too full and wrinkle free. This keeps your upholstery looking new and crisp year after year. There's really no other type of fabric out there that offers this kind of longevity, which makes it a great option for people who want their curtains and upholsteries to last for as long as possible.